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Services: Cost Reduction
Information Technology
We're not an I.T. shop, but over the course of dozens of projects we have built a familiarity with a wide array of technologies. If we can't help, we will write the specification and pass it to someone in our network who can.

Process and Systems Development
Every business has processes. After a while, they need review to ensure they still make sense and still collect enough of the right data. Is your data being used properly? Could your systems be automated? We will answer all these questions for you.

Finance and Bookkeeping
It's a fact: small and mid-sized businesses tend to let bookkeeping slip. You're busy bringing business to the front door, but not watching it go out the back. You could use a Chief Financial Officer but can't afford more payroll. We offer part-time bookkeepers and CFO services.

Human Resources Support
Managing people is the most complicated part of any business. You want a team that is engaged, loyal and has low turnover. Do you invest in training and development? When was your compensation plan last reviewed? By addressing questions like these, WynFish can help you build a stronger team.

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