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Consultant: (from the Latin consultare means "to discuss") A professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise.

WynFish: A boutique consultancy offering expertise in business expansion and cost reduction.

WynFish offers expert problem-solving services on a consulting basis. We assist our clients in developing strategies that address the challenges and opportunities they face; from the essential to the exceptional.

Today's economic reality is driving businesses to gain maximum value from every dollar spent, and at the same time, find innovative ways to grow.

We work with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business challenges so that we can identify opportunities to streamline operations and create revenue growth.

Together, we develop and implement strategies that support long-term goals. The results are two-fold:
  • Rapid additions to the bottom line
  • A more efficient balance of money, time and energy
Yes, we can provide you with a report. We'd rather provide ideas and implement them with you to quickly recoup your investment. What you receive will always result in value that eclipses our cost.

Our value lies in the experience gained by solving problems for dozens of other clients. We put that experience to work for your benefit.
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