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Business Tune-Up
For those businesses that are convinced that:
  • There are operational efficiencies being missed
  • It's time to get a fresh perspective on where the company is going
  • There are low-hanging revenue opportunities that need attention
This package puts our expertise to work for you over a one to two week period of time. The primary goal of this exercise is to uncover the largest opportunities for the organization, prioritize them and get to work solving them. The first steps will involve knowledge extraction and job shadowing. Together we will quantify and prioritize the opportunities. Finally, solutions will be developed along with an implementation strategy.

The flat cost of $2,700 will be eclipsed by savings in manpower that can be redirected to more productive avenues.

After these plans and strategies are developed, WynFish experts may be further contracted to assist with operationalizing the new programs and develop further plans for growth.

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